Nothing stronger than a sibling bond!

I have adored watching Jenson and Emeline’s relationship develop over the last year, although she is 5 months, the moment he had his own scan picture next to his bed was when he fell in love with her.


He wished and wanted for a little sister and he was convinved the baby was a girl, we began to question if we should find out incase he had a brother but we decided to keep it a surprise as he would be smitten regardless! Isn’t that the truth!

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I am now up against the both of them! Reminding Jenson that it isn’t nice to blow raspberries and that it is dirty to then find my daughter laughs hysterically at her brother when he does! The sound of her laughter, like any baby, is utterly infectious. Her face lights up along with the room and everything in it.


Emeline idolises her brother, her eyes follow him constantly and she smiles at the sound of his voice. She squeals and kicks and flaps when he is around her and likewise, Jenson always goes to her first. First thing in the morning, he wants to know if Emeline is awake before even acknowledging anyone else, he wants her to take and pick him up from nursery, he moans he misses her if I take her somewhere on my own, the list couldn go on.


They have already started to gang up on me, unknowingly, I ask Jenson not to do something and Emie immediately starts to giggle her head off. How can I battle with that? Especially when I am greated with the line:

“But Emeline finds it funny, Mummy!”

I know this will get worse as they get older, we are still in honeymoon period. Emeline is still a novelty and can do no wrong in Jenson’s eyes. The minute she starts to crawl and his toys and playing area are in jeopardy will be the ultimate test. He knows not to leave small bits around her as she can roll and reach but sharing will be interesting!


For now, I will just enjoy watching their love and relationship grow and wait for World War III to errupt!


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