Belly button

This is a peculiar post, it isn’t a weird fetish though!

I love Jenson and Emeline’s belly button. When I was younger, my Mum told me I use to play with mine to get myself to sleep which is random! My love for the children’s belly button and me rubbing mine as a child are not connected!

The belly button, to me, symbolises so much and it means so much too. It connected me to them. It was my way of giving them, my baby’s, everything they needed. It fed them and kept them healthy and warm whilst they were in my tummy. Placenta freaks me out but the importance of the cord symbolises so much. I am not the person to create a cord heart ornament but I look at their belly button and it makes me feel all warm.


Scott has cut both Jenson and Emeline’s umbilical cord. Jenson’s was cut immediately as he needed some oxygen but we left Emeline’s until it has finished pulsating. This pregnancy, I decided I wanted a cord tie for when it came to clamping the cord. I was recommended Heartstrings by a midwife from One to One midwifes and I was in love. The designs and art were beautiful but more importantly, the cord ties looked gentle and safe. I settled for a grey elephant with a yellow bow, I later asked the lady to make Emeline a grey hat with a white star for when she was born. The lady is so talented and makes so many different items that can be bought singularly or to match the cord tie of your choice.


Everytime I see Jenson or Emeline’s belly button, I feel all funny and think “that joined you to me”. I love that Emeline had such a special cord and will definitely make sure any future children have the same, it was so much nicer and softer than the clips. My midwife was happy to use the tie even though she hadn’t before, amazingly they come with the cutest package which includes some clear instructions. This meant my midwife was confident in using the tie, it worked well and looked amazing.


Heartstrings order book is always full to the brim. Make sure you order well in advance, although she is so accommodating and lovely and will rush orders through if you’re close to due date. I would definitely recommend her for your crochet needs but also to consider a cord tie.


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