One of those days…

We all have them, some people have them most days – that is unlucky. I am a positive person so therefore, negative thoughts are few and far between but today I haven’t been in the best of moods.

It started with Scott’s shift changing 7am-7pm so his colleagues can get home to watch the Euros. This isn’t that bad but Jenson wanted breakfast with Daddy and it means that Jenson isn’t awake when Scott leaves and he is already in bed when Scott gets home. Not ideal.

On our walk to nursery, I had managed to get myself, Jenson and Emeline fed and ready for the school run, I even washed my hair. That started off well. We even had time for a selfie.



We were then crossing the road and we were close to the path and a man (he certainly wasn’t a gentleman), reversed and quite a speed and almost hit me with the pram. Jenson then ran back to me, to protect us or panic about not being with me, I am not sure but he was then the side of the car. The pram wheels jammed and the man was turning. He clearly hadn’t looked or seen us, as a driver, I know it is an easy mistake. The driver then started shouting at me, the wheels had unjammed and we were at the pavement, he wasn’t polite and swore at me. Thankfully, my Dad who doubles up as a police dog handler was walking the police dog so came over to check on me and the kids. More obscenities shouted by the driver. Not necessary. Dad used his warrant card to calm the driver down who then sped off shouting, Dad took the details of the car. I was so shook up: a car almost hit me and the children but then he became abusive and swore at and infront of my children. Not having that. Jenson was as good as gold and went off to nursery happily, ironically, he was wearing his police uniform.

I walked to town after drop off for a coffee and to buy the 75,000 Father’s Day cards. Specsavers have 25% off glasses, I went last week and my prescription has changed a lot so I need new glasses, yay, more expense! I went in there and found my glasses from a few pairs, a consultant spent 45 minutes with me fitting them and measuring and then we sorted the bill. 45 minutes. I was then checked again and the new optician lady said the glasses didn’t fit on my face. Fuming. I had now wasted 45 minutes of a child free morning ordering and finding glasses to then be told no. Why not do that first?!


It then preceeded to piss it down in true English school run style on our walk home from nursery.

I have decided to spend the afternoon inside with Jenson, in the safe warmth of our home. Hopefully I will perk up along with our afternoon! Tomorrow is a new day!


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