Father’s Day


I love Father’s Day, like any other special day of the year, I love to spoil Scott. I am a nightmare for buying presents because I get over excited and go over the top!

I have made Scott a video the last few years to celebrate Father’s Day although working full time meant he didn’t get one last year.


This year was no exception in my mind. A day planned for London to visit the aquarium, one of Scott’s favourite places and then a nice dinner out. Jenson wanted to go on a London bus and visit the Queen too. However, yesterday, a migraine started and it is still evidently there. I have spent the last two days in and out of bed, snoozing when I can and feeling sick. My vision is hazy, my coordination is shocking and I have no idea what I am talking about or doing half the time. I could not face London. Let alone facing a car and tube journey. Scott is not bothered in the slightest but I feel very “meh”.

In all honesty, he has been in a man heaven. He had a huge lay in with Jenson waking at 7.15 and Emeline at 7.50 this morning. He was then given a cup of coffee in bed and his presents. A lovely make your own pet sausage dog from Olives Toy Box, photos from Emeline’s baby photo shoot to go in the hall and a waffle maker! Jenson and I then made him waffles for breakfast with every topping imaginable.


Scott then cut the grass and started using power tools and a hammer on our pallets to make some benches. He loves to make stuff for the garden. Once I was up and ready we took a walk down the Flitch, Jenson rode his bike. He has learnt to ride without stabilisers but is so wobbly so Scott added them back but put them higher for a bit of stability and balance. Even so, we had a few falls offs and Jenson ended up in the swamp twice!!! We arrived at the cafe and had some lunch before finishing off some tea and brownie before our walk home.


Scott and Jenson have spent the afternoon in the garden, banging on wood and digging stuff. Our dinner at Cafe Rouge has been postponed but chicken and steak on the Raclette grill is on the menu.

I know that he has had a fab day, Jenson has too. He has commented all day at how much he has loved Father’s day today! He has been looking forward to this day for weeks with our presents, cards and nursery gifts. I enjoyed it too. Family days at home are just as lovely as family days out, when they work out!



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