Babyled weaning won for us!

We have been weaning Emeline for around 3 weeks now. She is a lover of food. She will try everything and nibble and suck on it. We started our journey using the Ella’s Kitchen weaning guide. Having weaned before, and it was successful, you’d think I would know exactly what to do this time round. Well I didn’t! Ideally, I wanted the same weaning experience as Jenson as that worked really well for us and he is a superb eater.


I followed a brief plan for what I remembered with Jenson. I started about 2/3 weeks before he was 6 months and I did the same with Emeline. We started with dinner, the easiest time as there isn’t anything to to rush for and she could take as long as she needed. We did this for a week and then we introduced breakfast, once she was 6 months and she could eat a range of food, we introduced lunch. 

We tried puréed vegetables to begin with and Emeline’s first try of carrots was a huge success, then peas and lots of other yummy bits. Emeline then wanted her own spoon, very strong minded for a 6 month old but she was refusing to open her mouth. This solved the problem for a few days but then she didn’t want us to feed her at all. She had tried all the first taste vegetables so I knew her basic likes and dislikes. 

First try of carrots

I decided to just give her some of our vegetables, huge success. She nibbled on them with her two tiny spikey teeth. We haven’t looked back. Some days are better than others and generally she will eat everything and anything given to her. We definitely made the right choice by Emeline. 

Following Jenson’s lead

Crackers and cream cheese

One negative that I am struggling with is the amount of mess and food wastage. Emeline likes to squash, squish and throw her food. She has a brilliant mouth aim but once she has had enough, she just moves on so quickly. We have been following Ella’s kitchen on Twitter and Veg for Victory too, with the aim that children’s first taste should be vegetables. It gives the children a good start in life and familiarises them with these tastes rather than sweeter foods. They also run a little competition to win a veg for victory baby grow, Emeline won for being “brave in the face of broccoli“!
I worry about how much food Emeline is taking in and is it not particularly measurable once she has squashed it and thrown it everywhere but if she was hungry she would eat more. Her breast feeding has become more efficient and I know the saying ‘food before one is just for fun!!’ So I don’t need to worry just yet. 

I’ll keep going for now and just pray that she has the same food love as Jenson but Babyled is definitely the way forward for now. 


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