Lucky in love, lucky in life.

I have been so very fortunate in my life, I have a lovely family who is incredibly supportive and a sister who is like my best friend. I have a wonderful husband who looks after me in the best possible way and cares for me and the children. I am now a Mummy and that alone is a privilege, let alone have the two poppets that I do. Every day is a blessing. I am so thankful and fortunate to have them and I know that. 

We are also so lucky with our friends, we have a select few but I could trust them with anything and rely on them. I feel safe and happy when we are around them, we laugh and eat and drink together, never a dull moment. I know that whenever I am feeling low or something bothers me, they will always be there. 

I have Abbi, my best friends that I met at college, we have been though far too much and I spent my later teens growing up with her. We have done so much together and she has taught me so much through life, especially to be more calm and less high maintenance. She is the most wonderful friend and woman and she is an amazing God parent to Jenson and Emeline. 

Sian and Hannah who I met at uni, Hannah and I lived together for the four years so we are beyond use to each other.


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