Mummy, Daddy, Boy and Girl

All about us:

Welcome to our blog. I want a modern memory of our family life, the laughter and the tears and most importantly the memories. I have a private blog for my babies but I want to share more… Our life, my opinions, our adventures and all the fun inbetween.

The Childs
We are a family of four, with our latest member joining us December 2015! Our journey started in 2005, a young 17 year old and 20 year old, loves young dream. An engagement followed in 2008 with us marrying in 2010, it was a wonderful day. We found out about Baby Childs #1 in May 2011, a lovely healthy pregnancy where we remained team yellow meant we introduced our gorgeous son to the world in February 2012.

 Jenson Scott Childs, 8th February 2012, 7lb 8oz: 9.15pm. It was exhausting! A wonderful water birth at WJC Braintree. Jenson has grown in to the most wonderful little treasure, albeit a pest most of the time. He is so funny and bright, my clever little chap.

In April 2015, we were pregnant again. In our second family home and so excited for our next family member. Again, we had another surprise and our beautiful daughter left us waiting until just before Christmas 2015.  Emeline Charlotte Childs, 21st December 2015, 8lb 1oz: 1.41pm! Welcome to the madness Emeline!

So, this is us. My wonderful family of four, welcome to our world!




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