Babyled weaning won for us!

We have been weaning Emeline for around 3 weeks now. She is a lover of food. She will try everything and nibble and suck on it. We started our journey using the Ella’s Kitchen weaning guide. Having weaned before, and it was successful, you’d think I would know exactly what to do this time round. Well I didn’t! Ideally, I wanted the same weaning experience as Jenson as that worked really well for us and he is a superb eater.


I followed a brief plan for what I remembered with Jenson. I started about 2/3 weeks before he was 6 months and I did the same with Emeline. We started with dinner, the easiest time as there isn’t anything to to rush for and she could take as long as she needed. We did this for a week and then we introduced breakfast, once she was 6 months and she could eat a range of food, we introduced lunch. 

We tried puréed vegetables to begin with and Emeline’s first try of carrots was a huge success, then peas and lots of other yummy bits. Emeline then wanted her own spoon, very strong minded for a 6 month old but she was refusing to open her mouth. This solved the problem for a few days but then she didn’t want us to feed her at all. She had tried all the first taste vegetables so I knew her basic likes and dislikes. 

First try of carrots

I decided to just give her some of our vegetables, huge success. She nibbled on them with her two tiny spikey teeth. We haven’t looked back. Some days are better than others and generally she will eat everything and anything given to her. We definitely made the right choice by Emeline. 

Following Jenson’s lead

Crackers and cream cheese

One negative that I am struggling with is the amount of mess and food wastage. Emeline likes to squash, squish and throw her food. She has a brilliant mouth aim but once she has had enough, she just moves on so quickly. We have been following Ella’s kitchen on Twitter and Veg for Victory too, with the aim that children’s first taste should be vegetables. It gives the children a good start in life and familiarises them with these tastes rather than sweeter foods. They also run a little competition to win a veg for victory baby grow, Emeline won for being “brave in the face of broccoli“!
I worry about how much food Emeline is taking in and is it not particularly measurable once she has squashed it and thrown it everywhere but if she was hungry she would eat more. Her breast feeding has become more efficient and I know the saying ‘food before one is just for fun!!’ So I don’t need to worry just yet. 

I’ll keep going for now and just pray that she has the same food love as Jenson but Babyled is definitely the way forward for now. 


We have started weaning…

Scott and I have been so looking forward to starting to wean Emeline, she follows food, shouts and is generally obsessed with whatever we are eating. We presume she will follow the family in being a real foodie.

We had a really successful weaning journey with Jenson too, he is such a good eater and will eat almost everything and I want the same for Emeline. It has always been, within reason, that he eats what we eat, from spaghetti bolognase to Indian take away – he is extremely well cultured food wise. We have also taken him out to lunch a lot, he chooses his dinner and loves this responsibility. 

So far, so good with Emeline. I’ve been using the Ella’s kitchen app and recipe book, although it’s just purées so far so it’s really straight forward. My weaning plan with Jenson worked well and I am trying to remember how we did it, so we are going for this: 

  1. Breakfast – porridge or cereal with baby led fruit.
  2. Lunch – baby led
  3. Dinner – purée for a taste of different foods with some baby led vegetables on the tray. 

We are only doing two meals a day as she is 5 1/2 months. We started with dinner and gradually introduced breakfast and finally we will add lunch. She isn’t overly keen on porridge or breakfast as a whole but loves the baby led part, I wonder if she will opt for that over being fed by us. Around 7 months, we moved totally to baby led and I’ll do the same if Emeline has chosen to do that first. 

It’s been so lovely seeing her try different foods, her favourites are carrots and peas. She definitely doesn’t like broccoli or cauliflower! Everything else she would happily eat but wasn’t over fussed on, butternut squash, parsnip, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and blueberries. Emeline has also been unwell this week so it has been tricky to work out if she was off her food or just didn’t like what we tried, apparently it takes the babies 10 attempts to try something to decide if they like it. 

We are going to start combining vegetables together for different tastes so tonight’s dinner is carrots and parsnip. I make sure I mix all her food with my milk for dose consistency too. I hope it continues to go this well! 


Cosatto 3Sixti

It was about a month or so ago that we took the highchair plunge and I spent most of my time searching, researching and reading reviews on the perfect chair for us. 

We sold Jenson’s Mothercare highchair once we had finished using it as it didn’t fit in with out wants and expectations – dramatic highchair feelings! It wasn’t easy to put up or down, especially if you were holding a child! Nor did it pack away easily. It did have a snack tray but this also meant we couldn’t have the highchair at the table for dinner times without the tray, we always had to have the tray. This highchair just didn’t work for us. 

I spent one evening finding a selection from Stokke, Mamas and Papas, Chicco and Cosatto. Scott wittled them down, mostly based on design I think, the practicalities didn’t shout out for him! 

I eventually settled on the Cosatto 3Sixi but it was a toss up between that and the Cosatto Noodle. Both have a variety of beautiful designs, this delayed me ordering by about a week as the choice was ridiculous! In the end, I decided to go for the Apple 3Sixti highchair. What a brilliant decisions that was. At a very expensive £170, I was certain that if there was anything I was slightly unhappy with then we wouldn’t keep it. 

Needless to say, I love this high chair. Although a little heavy, which works in our favour when you have a ‘Jenson’.

  • I love the gas lift that I can do with my feet. It allows Emeline to sit both inside and outside with us at the table, which she can reach as the tray removes. My husband purpose built our gorgeous garden table but it doesn’t fit in with standard ‘chair height’. The gas lift means the baby can be any height, whilst I sit in the sofa and feed her, at the table or outside. 
  • The 360 feature also means she can be turned and twisted safely. This is good when feeding between myself and Scott at dinner time, it also means that sometimes Jenson tries to swing her round like a carousel. This is a handy feature that makes easier at times but it isn’t the best in my opinion. 
  • I like the recline for Emie once she has finished to sit back a little bit, it was also handy in the lead up to weaning. It meant I could sit her in their safely without her toppling over to join us at dinner time. 
  • I love the tray. It is easy to move, brightly coloured and easy to clean. Specifically, the fact there are two trays, the top level makes it so much easier to wipe clean for a small snack rather than removing the whole tray. My mum was super impressed by this!
  • Now the best bit is the straps, once you put baby in you build the straps around them, it’s a 5 point harness which is essential but rather than battling to squeeze arms backwards and sideways through places, you sit the baby in and place the over the arm and slide the side bit in (see photo). You can also do one side at a time. It’s a nice easy clip and no fingers or body parts get trapped or pinched either.
  • The tray is also at a good level so that smaller babies can still sit comfortably in it.
  • The designs of this and other Cosatto products are beautiful. I hope you’re more decisive than I am in deciding. 
  • It was easy to put together. I know because I watched my husband! 
  • The chair  comes with a 4 year guarantee! Ideal for first use and further uses afterwards. 

So yes, I would definitely recommend this high chair and make sure before really research about what you want before you purchase one in haste. The cheap and cheerful IKEA one is also really good! 



Well, let’s start by saying, I don’t have one. I am ‘good’ at lots of different things but I definitely don’t have a specific talent, or a hobby really. I am so easily distracted too that I rarely complete things. 

My mum and sister on the other hand and brilliant bakers, and cake decorators. I am so lucky, we often have brilliant desert treats after dinner or my sister will do ridiculous amounts of baking. Her flapjacks are amazing! 
Since Jenson has been born, Mum has made and decorated every cake he has needed. Each year, Jenson’s demands get bigger and she never disappoints! 

  • 1st birthday – The Gruffalo
  • 2nd birthday – a farm
  • 3rd birthday – digger cake 
  • 4th birthday – Paw Patrol! 

She also made his christening cake and this weekend, she has made Emeline’s. I find my ideas on Pinterest and send them to her and she makes something spectacular. Everyone always comments on how special they are, especially as Nana made them but also how lovely they are. Recently, mum has been diagnosed with arthritis so she struggles with the finer details a bit more, I hope it never stops her form baking as I know she loves it. I used an eBay shop to buy the sugar craft bits, they arrived in perfect condition and they’re so reasonable for the resources, time and effort that go in. I also bought her bunting stencils – at the time this was ridiculous apparently but after making all the bunting, she got her money’s worth apparently!

So here it is, the beautiful cake for Emeline Charlotte’s christening day! She even sent me a 360 tour!



Emeline is 4 months and quickly approaching that next stage ready for weaning, that alone scares me! Can’t believe how quick it is going. 

I really enjoyed weaning with Jenson and it was straight forward and simple, I did a combination of baby led weaning and puréed food. I just can’t remember how we did it or how to start! I do remember that his first meal was salmon en croute! Living the dream. 

I need to start researching and preparing for this next step, I vaguely remember introducing foods gradually, one at a time and having a breakfast for a week, then two meals the second and then 3 meals the third week. Although, I can’t guarantee that’s how I did it! I definitely didn’t do pure puréed foods, it almost always had lumps on it and that was down to the food processor I think. 

We have started the first step and Emeline has a new high chair, we sold Jenson’s as we really didn’t like it. It was clumpy and big, didn’t fold away properly and Jenson couldn’t sit at the table. This time, I really wanted a Stokke one but Scott put his foot down and said it was far too expensive, especially when you get all the adjustments. IKEA do a higher chair for children to use at the dinner table so he moved on to that once he came out of hig high chair. I researched a lot this time and found a few high chairs of choice, Scott selected a ‘final 3’ which were all Cosatto. We loved the 3sixti and Supa Noodel design. We settled on the 3Sixti in the apple design – it’s so bright and looks fab with our dark wood table and green curtains. 

I am now spending my time looking for recipes, advice and guidance for weaning. I have no idea where I got my information from last time but I hope Emeline weans as well as Jenson and we have a successful journey. I must remember to document how I decide to wean Emie as I couldn’t find weaning on Jenson’s blog. 


Fussy eating

Jenson has never ever been a fussy eater. He does not like kidney beans, brussels sprouts (understandably) or raisins. He will always try new foods and has been interested in what other people are eating. We can take him out to any restaurant and there will always be something he likes or wants to try, he isn’t the usual ‘fish fingers, chips and beans’ child. 

 Recently, he has started to turn his nose up at things. Things he usually loves aswell, for example, we had spaghetti bolognaise for dinner tonight, this is his favourite and he will alway choose this in a restaurant. Tonight, he refused to eat the bolognaise. Apparently he doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like mushrooms (forgot that up above) but I always take them out. He turned his nose right up at my dinner and it made me so cross. The dinner was delicious and like everything we have, was homemade, I make my own sauce and prepare and hide vegetables, maybe they aren’t that well hidden! I even get him to help me cook! He then tried the ‘I am full up’ line, that means no pudding then. So off he went, upstairs to get ready for bed without pudding because he declared he was ‘full’ which I do not believe for one single second.


 Like me, he goes through phases with food of really enjoying something and then going off it so I understand when he eats bags of beans one week and then the next can’t bear to be near them. He has also gone of broccoli recently and even bananas. There is never any point in buying yogurts two weeks in a row because they won’t get eaten. 


I’m at a dead end with how to solve this. He isn’t a fussy eaten and hasn’t been so he definitely isn’t going to be turning in to one. I think I’ll continue to provide him with our meals and if he doesn’t like it then he goes hungry. Cruel to be kind, but I am not cooking 27,000 meals nor am I promoting his new found fussiness. He will thank me when he is older! 


Easy eating out

I love eating out, we are such foodies. Normal restaurants though, we don’t go too posh as the portions are too small, general chain restaurants and a few smaller family run restaurants in our local area are our favourite. We definitely have our favourites. 

Jenson has also developed our love for eating out, he often requests breakfast, lunch or dinner out. His grandparents have a lot to blame too! Jenson is recognised in our local Costa and has his ‘favourite’ drink from his favourite Barista, now that is embarrassing. He has such confidence now that he will order his own food and drink by himself.  


We have always found eating out with Jenson really easy, someone told me when I was pregnant with him to eat out early so he gets use to it and we did. We took him with us and let him share our meals when he was weaning, eventually he started to have his own small dishes and now he almost always has a full three course meal! Jenson has had one horrendous meal incident, on his first birthday at Prezzo in Epping when he decided to wear the spaghetti bolognaise on his head and then threw the remaining around his high chair!!! Now, thankfully, we don’t have a problem with him. He is impeccably behaved and he uses all of his manners. I feel so proud of him. 

Jenson has earnt his weekly stars, he gets to choose a treat and he chose a Chinese this week! My four year old wanted to go out for dinner as his treat, we have created a monster! As usual, he sat beautifully eating his starter and mains, he will always eat a selection of foods too, he is well cultured and has good taste buds. 

Now we have to do the same with Emeline to ensure that she is as well behaved at the table! Tonight, she was as good as gold, laying on her mat chatting and gurgling at the lights and her Daddy! We will take her with us, and when she is weaning she can eat our food to try different things. We will have a ‘pub bag’ full of tricks and entertainment just in case of delays or boredom and get her in a high chair, sitting with us as early as possible! Fingers crossed!