Our parenting…

The best thing I have ever done is become a Mummy, second time round it is so much easier. I am far more secure in my choices and it has been so lovely getting to know her whilst already knowing what I want for my children and how we parent them.

Cloth nappies 

With Jenson we made the choice to use cloth nappies, I loved how a baby and a toddler looks whilst in cloth, there are so many different makes which have different designs too. We continue to use nappies with Emeline, my hobby is more exciting this time as I like more makes and designs for our girly.   


I always hoped that I’d breastfeed Jenson and fortunately I was able to. Having said that, Jenson was slow at putting weight on and every health visitor we came in to contact with tried to persuade us to ‘top-up’ with formula, we didn’t! Again, I have been able to breastfeed Emie, she however, puts on weight every moment of the day and she is a brilliant feeder.  One challenge we have had is trying to get them to take bottles, Jenson was a nightmare, Emeline so far hasn’t managed to get the latch on a bottle. I am using my new Medela pump – which I love. Mega efficient and painless. I wonder if it’s the latch or the size of the teat, Jenson took a dummy but Emeline won’t even take or try.

Cord Tie 

A midwife recommended a cord tie this time for Emeline, it does the same job as th clips but it is a little softer, the designs I found were amazing, I used a lady on Facebook – Cord Ties by Heart Strings (https://www.facebook.com/babyheartstrings/). It took me ages to decide what design to use but I settled for a grey elephant with a yellow bow, I also bought Emeline’s first hat from her, her ability to croquet is amazing. I love the tie and I am so glad we chose that.