Could we be anymore British?!

The weather is beautiful this weekend, in particular, today. It’s so warm and there is a slight breeze so you don’t realise how hot the sun is

In line with British Tradition, we rushed off to Lidl (we weren’t one of the many that queued waiting for it to open though,  desperardoes!!) to get BBQ food! 

Everyone was dressed in appropriate summer attire, caked in suncream and wearing sun hats. We returned home to play in our garden which is beautiful compared to this time last year, Scott mowed the grass, essential in sunny weather and I hung out the washing – we had the smallest pile, it didn’t need doing, but it was a “lovely day for it“! 

Jenson has been in his element, we had the paddling pool out for a while and we played on the swings and slide. I then got the garden tray out and we built a dinosaur city with mud, water and some of the cut grass. He was able to get as messy as he liked and he was in his element. We ate our lunch outside, it would be rude not to! Finally, Jenson and I got the chalks out and played noughts and crosses on the patio, he won, which I let him! 

To finish off our day, we have made ice-lollies with fresh orange and strawberries and I’ll need endless amounts of aloe Vera on my shoulders because of my sunburn – no matter how much cream I add! Emeline even has some breast milk lollies in the freezer! 

Welcome, British Summer Time! We are so ready for a warm and wonderful one! 


Muddy puddles!

A surprising day today, considering it was meant to rain all day, it has been lovely and sunny and warm. Emeline in on the mend so we ventured out, a long in depth discussion this morning led us to our destination of Hatfield Forest, Jenson wanted muddy puddles, I totally blame Peppa Pig for this. We got up and packed ourselves a picnic, along with wellies, spare clothes and Jenson’s balance bike (this came for the journey as he wanted to run apparently, my god, he ran)! 


I love exploring the forest, there are so meant different footpaths and ways to walk. It is so popular now and as a result, they are doing lots to save the forest from the human footprint. We decided to walk first, through the forest and up to the front and then round and back to the cafe for lunch and drinks. We had the excitement of coming across some tree cutters that were cutting down the fallen branches from the recent winds – mega excitement for Jenson! It wasn’t too muddy for the pushchair which was a result too. Jenson ran through the mud, splashing in the puddles and demanded to be chased! We found some footprints which were obviously dinosaur ones apparently and lots of different poo which needed a good inspection… Life with boys! 



After our picnic, we had seen a few friends with their picnics too, we had a few hot drinks and Jenson was playing in the woods, we then went off to find Jenson a den to build with Scott. Lots of sticks and playing later, 4 hours and 4 miles, we walked back toward the cafe for an ice-cream.  


 We then explored more of the forest to the left with a lovely pond, watched a swan scare off the other birds on the pond and spotted some frogspawn. After a chat with the ducks and chatting with people we knew and equally, people we didn’t know at all Jenson started to moan he was tired. Caked in mud with sore legs, we stripped off our dirty wellies and Jenson’s socks and trousers, he was soaked! Jumped in the car and headed home. 

I love the outside so much, I love the air and nature. I love how people change and are happy to socialise with strangers, saying hello to people you’ve never met and just having an air of happiness. Jenson is just like me, he will spend all day outside, in the garden or suggesting a walk. The 50 things before your 11 3/4 is also wonderful, we love collecting things for Jenson’s. Looking and ticking off different adventures. My sister bought it for Jenson for his 1st birthday and he treats it like a bible! We are so lucky to have these wonderful locations nearby. 

Hatfield Forest, you’re a gem!