Lucky Mummy

I know I am a lucky Mummy. I have two wonderful children who are healthy and absolutely gorgeous. So far, they are well behaved and they’ve made my “Mummy dreams” come true! 

But… I know that. I know all that.
I think I take Emeline for granted. I say think because I appreciate every ounce of her and spend all the time I can with her and her beautiful self. 

Emeline is such an easy baby and I take that for granted. Whenever we go anywhere, she just comes along and sits her pushchair. She doesn’t make a fuss and just watches the world go by. Everyone said that the second baby will just fit in and go along with life but I also expected her to be a little more demanding, something she totally isn’t. 

I have blitzed the house this week and she sat on the floor and just played with her toys, dancing to the music on the TV and chatting and shouting at me. She didn’t make a fuss. She just watched and enjoyed looking around, I stopped for feeding and to cuddle her and in those moments, I realised that I wanted to cuddle her more to just enjoy her and her angelic ways. 

On days when we are out for Jenson, like last week at Country File. She spent the whole time in her pram, she notices and talks to the people we pass and chews on her toys. Emeline loves looking around. It got to about 3pm and I realised how much I missed her, she had been there all day but I missed her, I missed her cuddles and playing with her and just being with her. I took her for granted that she just enjoys life happily. I could have worn her in her sling, or had her out for longer playing and feeding but I did what I needed to and put her back in for Jenson’s day out. I totally took her loveliness for granted and I feel sad. I also feel torn, it makes life easy that Jenson can enjoy a day as he is more demanding at the moment and being the summer holidays, he needs to be entertained. 

I do wonder if this is 2nd child syndrome overall really, they all plod along and don’t get that 1:1 care the first child had, I know that happens. It won’t always be like this or this easy, so I’ll enjoy it and squidgy her up as much as I can. No doubt she will be a terror of a toddler or a teenager! 


Father’s Day


I love Father’s Day, like any other special day of the year, I love to spoil Scott. I am a nightmare for buying presents because I get over excited and go over the top!

I have made Scott a video the last few years to celebrate Father’s Day although working full time meant he didn’t get one last year.


This year was no exception in my mind. A day planned for London to visit the aquarium, one of Scott’s favourite places and then a nice dinner out. Jenson wanted to go on a London bus and visit the Queen too. However, yesterday, a migraine started and it is still evidently there. I have spent the last two days in and out of bed, snoozing when I can and feeling sick. My vision is hazy, my coordination is shocking and I have no idea what I am talking about or doing half the time. I could not face London. Let alone facing a car and tube journey. Scott is not bothered in the slightest but I feel very “meh”.

In all honesty, he has been in a man heaven. He had a huge lay in with Jenson waking at 7.15 and Emeline at 7.50 this morning. He was then given a cup of coffee in bed and his presents. A lovely make your own pet sausage dog from Olives Toy Box, photos from Emeline’s baby photo shoot to go in the hall and a waffle maker! Jenson and I then made him waffles for breakfast with every topping imaginable.


Scott then cut the grass and started using power tools and a hammer on our pallets to make some benches. He loves to make stuff for the garden. Once I was up and ready we took a walk down the Flitch, Jenson rode his bike. He has learnt to ride without stabilisers but is so wobbly so Scott added them back but put them higher for a bit of stability and balance. Even so, we had a few falls offs and Jenson ended up in the swamp twice!!! We arrived at the cafe and had some lunch before finishing off some tea and brownie before our walk home.


Scott and Jenson have spent the afternoon in the garden, banging on wood and digging stuff. Our dinner at Cafe Rouge has been postponed but chicken and steak on the Raclette grill is on the menu.

I know that he has had a fab day, Jenson has too. He has commented all day at how much he has loved Father’s day today! He has been looking forward to this day for weeks with our presents, cards and nursery gifts. I enjoyed it too. Family days at home are just as lovely as family days out, when they work out!



Too much responsibility 

Having children is the biggest responsibility in the world. I remember feeling it being dropped on me from a high height the moment we walked through our front door with Jenson at 12 hours old, just left to care for him and know what to do. God, we had no idea what to do but amazingly it comes to you so naturally. 

Since then, my biggest responsibility has been playing. It would appear that I cannot be trusted and I need fine, small, step by step instructions on how to ‘play’. Never mind that my job as a teacher means I play constantly through learning and roleplay but at home, it would seem I am a novice! 

Today, for example, we are playing cars. I have been given the job of “being in charge” (Jenson’s words) of his tram. Apparently, all it needs to do is go backwards and forwards on the train track as he hasn’t got a tram line so I have to “pretend”! Having said that, you’d think by being in charge, I would be able to move my tram forwards and backwards easily, but no, apparently the people haven’t got on it yet, the traffic light is red or there is something on the track. 

His imagination amazes me! So actually by being “in charge” means I am just sitting here, watching my stationary tram, waiting to be told when to move it. Later, I was given the responsibility of being “in charge” of the tankers. Wahooo, I thought, how wrong could I be?… They were having a tea break at the petrol station! 


Yesterday, we were playing Mummies and Daddies. You’d think that Jenson would consider me an ‘expert’ in this area. Again, no! I wasn’t holding the baby properly, nor was I burping the baby correctly. Thankfully, both Jenson and Emeline are surviving so I don’t feel I am doing a bad job, luckily my confidence didn’t take too much of a knocking!  

Taking our ‘babies’ out!

I hope he isn’t this bossy with his friends but I love his perfectionist way and how he wants things done, after all, they are his toys and his mind is making them play! Let’s hope I live up to his expectations today! 


Easter fun!

I have just spent what feels like a food shop budget on stuff for Easter! I have Easter eggs for everyone and all the crafts bits for Jenson’s Easter bonnet. This was not my idea! 

Jenson’s preschool do a Spring fayre and an Easter bonnet competition, Jenson got wind of this so naturally wants to make one without even knowing what they are or that they existed 5 seconds before this! Anyway, we have googled and he has found the design he wants, a bumble bee. Not Easter related at all! We will have a lot of fun making it anyway and I love doing stuff like this with him, hopefully his attention will last. 

This weekend is normal to us, we don’t do any big celebration. Of course we have an Easter egg hunt, Jenson nearly popped with excitement last year over the clues so this year will be even better. I tend not to buy him lots of eggs as he gets lots of other family members so I have bought him the Playmobil hospital and Emeline has some baby mats and toys.  


Good Friday, Scott is working overtime so Jenson and I might do the Cadbury Easter Egg hunt at our local National Trust site. Then Saturday, usual swimming lessons and a day together. Easter Sunday, we will have Sunday lunch at my parents with the whole family. Easter Monday, we are off to our local garden Center for breakfast with the Easter bunny and then once my inlaws have returned from their weekend away we are going there for dinner. 

Last Easter, we cooked a delicious roast lamb at ours. It was when we announced we were expecting another a baby so it was a really exciting day. It also meant that Easter was over and done with in a shot and Jenson wasn’t too overwhelmed, he doesn’t need to have an Easter egg hunt at every house as the Easter bunny comes here only for him, like Father Christmas. 

I am ready with glue, paint brushes, newspaper and the glue gun for the massive bonnet make… Watch this space! 


Family days out!

I absolutely love a family day out! No matter where it is, we spent a fortune and went to Disneyland, which was amazing but also Center Parcs or cheap and cheerful days at Clacton, Mersea or Colchester Zoo. It really doesn’t matter. I just love being with Scott and our children!

Emeline’s first trip to the zoo

We’ve always made a big deal of days out and we have always done lots of things together, Jenson is certainly well cultured in the day out variety! He has been so lucky, the places we have visited are just wonderful:

  • London Aquarium
  • London Zoo
  • Colchester Zoo
  • Marsh Farm
  • Tropical Wings
  • Paradise Wildlife Park 
  • Legoland
  • Peppa Pig World
  • CBeebies Land
  • Woburn Safari Park 
  • Wimpole Home Farm
  • Hatfield Forest
  • Colne Valley Railway
  • Southend Sealife Centre
  • East Mersea
  • Clacton
  • National History Museum
  • National Science Museum
  • Disneyland Paris
  • Diggerland 

The list is endless and each birthday we have a special birthday day out too, for his 1st we went to the London Aquarium, 2nd we went to London Zoo and his third was Cbeebies Land. In a few weeks we are going to Kidzania to celebrate his 4th.

Birthday Day Outs 

We are so lucky location wise, we are close to the seafront, London and we also have lots of lovely farms and zoos around. Colchester Zoo is our local and it is wonderful, they’re constantly improving it and investing money, makes it so worthwhile. Jenson loves it too, we have a gold pass so we can visit as much as we like for a year. Jenson’s memory is really incredible and we take the camera and video camera for special days out to remember, he often talks about places we have visited and things we have done.b

Today, we visited Colchester Zoo, the animals were quite active. Jenson fed a giraffe and we saw the Tigers walking around. We had a lovely lunch there too which was also nice but had to eat outside which was cold for Emeline. Sadly, the train station burnt down end of last year but things are already in development for a replacement, telling Jenson was traumatic. The weather was slightly chilly today but bright and sunny, Emeline came out of the pram for a bit to look at some of the animals. It was our first real day out since having Emeline and it was very calm and lovely. I fed her in the restaurants, albeit one was outside and she was changed in their changing rooms – the one by the Sunbears is nice and clean. Definitely recommend Colchester Zoo to everyone for a fun day out!