Baby weight

An on going battle for almost everyone I know is their weight. Rightly or wrongly, what ever anyone else thinks, if you are not happy, you are not happy. It’s hard to take someone seriously when they appear to be size 8 and have a gorgeous figure but that’s how they feel and it is important to remember to be sensitive to that. Body image is so negative these days, everyone is under fire and criticised, celebrities for being too thin, or being airbrushed, celebrities who are trying to lose weight or who are overweight and celebrities who are totally in love with their body but apparently they couldn’t possibly be. It’s horrible pressure and impacts women and girls everywhere. 

My problem is my hate for exercise and my love of food! 

I tried really hard during my pregnancy to maintain my weight and keep healthy. I used Slimming World for my diet and exercised. As a result, once I had my daughter, I weighed less than what I did at the beginning of my pregnancy. I felt pretty amazing once I had Emie, once you’ve had a baby it is the slimmest you’ve been in months so naturally you feel like you’ve lost loads of weight, which you have by giving birth, ha! My weight has been pretty consistent since having Emeline but is slowly dropping off, I have a waist for the first time in years and my pre-pregnancy clothes are lose. I am trying to eat healthily and I walk everyday, I also have some exercise DVDs that have managed to escape their plastic, I am yet to use these but I will do soon! Emeline is feeding so well too and it is well known that breastfeeding helps with weight loss. 

I am not totally disgusted with my body, I’d like to lose weight and I hate myself in photos but I don’t mind it too much. I know I need to be more motivated to lose weight and get to my ‘wedding day’ figure which I worked hard for but that will take so long and I just don’t feel fully committed with Emeline’s feedings making me so hungry! 

My thighs and bum are my biggest, I’ve always been bigger with each of those and they are the parts I hate the most. I’d like my arms to lose weight too, but they will as my weight drops. I am gettin a waste back which I love, I’ve always been quite lucky and had a smaller waist! My face has lost weight which is nice, that’s what people see first! My tummy is relatively ‘flat’, I have my baby pouch which I am quite fond of but my weight goes to my bum so the tummy doesn’t have that many rolls. 

Most of my girlfriends are having the same problems. One of my friends is looking for a dress for Emeline’s christening and can’t seem to find anything other than mega expensive dresses which is standard when you’re looking. It my eyes, she always looks lovely, slim and happy and confident. Sometimes, it would be so much nicer to see yourself through other eyes. I was wary about wearing a dress today that I also wore when pregnant and she replied that I looked amazing. I wouldn’t go that far but it made me feel good! 

Top right with a 5 month baby


I’ll get there with my weight loss, one day. It is hard to describe how I feel, I am happy but I worry what other people think which is the worst thing, our negative society when at the moment I should be focusing on my baby and feeding.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to read and look at Boots Body Confidence boosting messages which I LOVE! Almost as much as I love cake!!