The “Teacher Mum”

This is such a new concept to me, like many first time school mums, it is a minefield. The expectations, the waiting at the school gates, the meeting of new parents and children, meeting the teacher and the reading and homework. It’s a whole new ball game. 

I’ve adjusted to life a school mum quite well, I only do it once a week as I work but I love drop off and collection, preparing his school lunches, reading and finding out about Jenson’s day. I love every part of it and treasure it. We had parents evening next week and I couldn’t wait to hear about his progress. He did amazing, I loved seeing his classroom work, the wall displays ans hear how he was getting on, superbly infact. I felt happy with his progress so far as we also have access to Tapestry, an online learning journey. This is amazing. I get live updates when they upload an observation and I can also upload things we do, it is so lovely to see what he has done. 

It was so bizarre being on the ‘other side’ of the table, I am so use to just talking about the child and filling the silence, making sure there isn’t any gaps and avoiding questions at all costs! As a rule that you learn, you always ask the parents perspective and feelings at the beginning, then you can run with the rest of the appointment on your terms and that way you avoid over running. Jenson’s teacher knew all of the tricks of the trade, something you learn with experience. 

The sharing of career, however, has meant we have an understanding. I know that it isn’t always possible to hear children read, that teachers are human and forget things and that his teachers works her arse off. Especially when she is adding tapestry observations at 9pm on a Friday or 3pm on a Sunday. I relate to that life. 

As a teacher mum, I also know the importance and value of supportive parents. I understand that he needs to read at home every night, know his sounds, count and recognise numbers and calculations. I’ve given him the best possible chance by teaching him how he should be taught, lower case letters, numbers, correct formation of letters and numbers, letter sounds etc. It has meant that he is off to to the best start and will therefore shine and thrive above his peers, not because he is a genius (which he obviously is), but because he has had lots of opportunities. I also find myself over excelling with his homework, I really enjoy the opportunities it gives us to be together, we have been on a nature walk, number hunt, shape searching and we are taking his bear on a trip. We have had good feedback so far! 

I also understand her pressures, the fact that there are 29 other children in the class, with a variety of needs, some more complex than others. I know that the parents are different, some more complicated and some so laid back they forget to dress their child. I get that she doesn’t have eyes in the back of her head and some things do go unnoticed but it is my child in her class, I want him to be the centre of her world. Her main focus. I want her to adore and love him, challenge and push him, which she does but I hate that I do not have that involvement. 

The hardest bit has been separating myself from him. Spending maternity leave and all summer with Jenson to then nothing, someone else seeing him more and teaching him things when thay was my job. The logistics are perfect for a teacher Mum, but it’s in my heart that I struggle to deal with someone else doing my job as both a Mummy and a teacher. I imagine it will just get harder.  


Going back to work

The end of my maternity leave is looming. I would love to be able to work less and stay at home more but I need to earn and when I am working, I love my job. I have lots of room for career progression and I really want to progress too but I am and always will be a Mummy first.

I am working part time when I return. Sharing my time between my role as class teacher and SENCo. There is no way I want to be out of the classroom as I do not wantwant to lose those ever important skills that I spent years studying for and years collecting through different experiences. Working part time as a teacher is hard. Sharing your classroom is like sharing your bedroom, whilst this is great to share with your partner, it does not always work as sucessfully when it is a stranger, although sometimes it isn’t great to share with your partner either!!! I take a lot of pride in my classroom and everyone has different ideas of how they want their room to look. I finally know where I will be next year and who I will be working with but that doesn’t make the transition any easier, full time teaching is hard to let go of.

I am moving from year 2 to year 5 which I am excited about. Nervous but excited. It’s a big curriculum move but I can’t wait to see what we can ‘do’ together. The children have had a poorly teacher this year so have had a lot of inconsistency so I was really honoured that my head put me there to get them up to speed. At least she has faith in me! I have my new curriculum plan and we have some very exciting topics, it is adjusting to the new learning that is a bit scary. My job share is lovely too, so enthusiastic and just a lovely person. We work well together and she is a hard worker, we believe a lot of the same things so that is exciting. I am looking forward to meeting with her for planning over tea, cake and lunch in the summer!

Some bedtime reading!

I am spending the last few weeks spoiling my children with my time. Jenson has a big few weeks up with school tasters and leaving preschool.  A lot of emotional instability here!! Emeline is finally drinking milk from a beaker, Scott had her whilst I did a KIT day and she has been playing me. She had her Daddy wrapped around her finger and her daily routine went flying out the window!!

I will be in for three days for the last week of term. Thankfully the last day is INSET too. Scott is off so will have the children and I am going to pump milk throughout the day for Emeline. I love that my Medela pump comes with both electric and battery powered sources so I can do that. I just need a little fridge to keep in my office to store my milk!! Don’t want that slipping in to someone’s tea by accident.

I also need to think about losing my Mummy identity which I am not ready for yet:

  • Lunch – my own lunch box and a reasonable portion to eat myself.
  • A proper bra!
  • My own handbag
  • Actually remembering my work stuff!
  • Nice clothes that are not covered in sick, food or snot.
  • Alarm – no lazy mornings here!
  • How to act around adults! (And children being a teacher!!)

Just two weeks left, but it is just a few days and then I have the summer off. It could always be worse! Please go slow!