Easter fun!

I have just spent what feels like a food shop budget on stuff for Easter! I have Easter eggs for everyone and all the crafts bits for Jenson’s Easter bonnet. This was not my idea! 

Jenson’s preschool do a Spring fayre and an Easter bonnet competition, Jenson got wind of this so naturally wants to make one without even knowing what they are or that they existed 5 seconds before this! Anyway, we have googled and he has found the design he wants, a bumble bee. Not Easter related at all! We will have a lot of fun making it anyway and I love doing stuff like this with him, hopefully his attention will last. 

This weekend is normal to us, we don’t do any big celebration. Of course we have an Easter egg hunt, Jenson nearly popped with excitement last year over the clues so this year will be even better. I tend not to buy him lots of eggs as he gets lots of other family members so I have bought him the Playmobil hospital and Emeline has some baby mats and toys.  


Good Friday, Scott is working overtime so Jenson and I might do the Cadbury Easter Egg hunt at our local National Trust site. Then Saturday, usual swimming lessons and a day together. Easter Sunday, we will have Sunday lunch at my parents with the whole family. Easter Monday, we are off to our local garden Center for breakfast with the Easter bunny and then once my inlaws have returned from their weekend away we are going there for dinner. 

Last Easter, we cooked a delicious roast lamb at ours. It was when we announced we were expecting another a baby so it was a really exciting day. It also meant that Easter was over and done with in a shot and Jenson wasn’t too overwhelmed, he doesn’t need to have an Easter egg hunt at every house as the Easter bunny comes here only for him, like Father Christmas. 

I am ready with glue, paint brushes, newspaper and the glue gun for the massive bonnet make… Watch this space! 


London town

Yesterday, we had a wonderful trip to London with Jenson and Emeline. Our aim was to go to kidzania – that will be a whole new post! 

We travelled by Tube – so much easier than National Rail! Much more space for a pram and buggy which didn’t unconvince anyone else!     

We travelled from Epping and got the Central Line to Shepherds Bush. This meant we had seats from he start! Emeline of course needed to be fed, I used my breastfeeding cover on the tube, especially with sitting so close to other commuters, didn’t want to squirt their nice clothes with milk! 

In standard toddler style, and baby brain mummy, I forgot the potty, Jenson announced he needed a wee. I was mid feeding so we agreed for Scott and Jenson to get off for the toilet and they’d meet me at Shepherd’s Bush. My mummy anxiety went in to meltdown! We all survived though and I had the best deal with a beautiful, calm Emeline!   

I am hugely impressed with Westfields Baby facilities! Their dedicated family rooms are fantastic, offering family toilets which have space for two toilets as well as a pram! The changing facilities are clean and comfortable for the bubbas. Jenson was hugely impressed that Frozen was also on the TV so he could watch that whilst we sorted Emeline. Finally, they have a feeding area, four little private rooms with low lighting and comfortable chairs for feeding. There was also a microwave and bottle warming facilities too. Very well done!     

Finally, we finished our day with a Wagamamas. I love that restaurant, the do an excellent children’s menu too which Jenson enjoyed and even used their child friendly chop sticks – something I can’t do! Our meal was fantastic as was the service but my god the seating is not suitable for breastfeeding, there is not enough space between the table and chair to get a baby, nor can you relax and lean back on the benches. It was a disaster and I had to go outside to feed our 12 week old.. Not ideal for March at 7pm! It was cold, not to mention inconvinent to leave my family meal. 

Finally, we were on our way home. Another seamless tube journey! Thank you TFL!